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When talking about the "strength" of a cigar, we are referring to the power of the tobacco and the amount of nicotine therein. "Strength" does not refer to the amount of flavor, or "body" that a cigar has.

A Mild cigar will have low nicotine levels and less of that tingling spice hit, therefore making for a more mellow smoking experience. Most of your light, Connecticut wrappers will be in this category and these mild cigars are perfect as a morning cigar. When your palette is clean and able to pick up the nuances of such a mild tobacco. The morning is also when you want less of a nicotine hit.
A mild cigar is a good place to start when you are just getting into cigars too. They make a nice starting point to gauge what you will like.

A Medium cigar will have mid-range levels of nicotine and a fair amount of spice to tingle your mouth. As the name implies, cigars in this category will be a nice middle of the road choice. Not too much nicotine, but not so little that you can't feel the cigar.
Medium Cigars are perfect choices for mid day smoking, but are actually quite well blended to be smoked any time, depending on your level of experience. You may want to have had something to eat and some water though, to help tame the nicotine.

Full cigars are not for the novice or faint of heart. The level of nicotine and spice in this level is high. You will know when you are smoking a full strength cigar, because you will be able to feel the nicotine affecting you, and it can make you feel sick if you are not prepared.
Full strength cigars are best smoked after a heavy meal, for two reasons. First, the food in your belly will help to counteract the nicotine hit. Second, after a full meal, you need a fuller cigar that can get in front of all those heavy flavors from that food.


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