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The world's finest cigars vary in size from about a 9 x 64 down to approximately 4 x 30. The first number refers to the cigar's length, in inches; the second is it's ring gauge, or the thickness of the cigar, measured in sixty-fourths of an inch. Most cigar smokers gravitate to a particular size, so when considering the quality and consistency of taste and aroma of a cigar, your sense of comparability can be confused and it will be difficult to judge fairly unless you're smoking the size you're accustomed to. The same cigar blends in different sizes taste different, sometimes vastly different, because of the different ring sizes and lengths. A big ring gauge, 50 or 52, produces an immense volume of smoke compared with a 28, 36 or even a 42.


Notice: We have made effort to display as accurately as possible the gauge of the cigar that appear on this page. However, as the gauge you see will depend on the cigar, we cannot guarantee that any gauge is accurate.


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